Organic Gold for a Happier Childhood

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Everything that grows needs great attention, first and foremost our children. In combination with great respect to our nature, we would almost be able to call a perfect world our own.

NOAN Olive Oil

Margit and Richard Schweger are trying hard to combine both.

I had the pleasure to meet the couple during the Foodcamp Vienna 2013 a few weeks ago, when they introduced their project in a heartwarming session. I have enjoyed NOAN Olive Oil quite often, because some of my favorite restaurants(*) where one of the first companies who supported the great idea behind the liquid gold from Greece.

NOAN Olive Oil

And that was new to me:

the history behind NOAN Olive Oil

It is not only one more producer of exquisite, pricey extra virgin olive oil for the exclusive food gourmet clientele. Its the story of two people with the aim to create a company with its core focus on sustainability from beginning to end.

A social Perpetuum Mobile.

NOAN Olive Oil

The name Noan represents the infinity logo in the middle of the brand-name combining the names of the couple’s children: Noah and Anouk, which makes the product charming from the very first moment. The direction to go was born during a walk through their olive grove, driven by the idea of doing good, but full of professionalism, and based on a well thought-out product with a unique design to raise money for disadvantaged children.

The most important olive oil facts in keywords: organic farmers, naturally cultivated, fair made fundamental, clean made production, absence of any additives, mechanical process

Projects: Austria: Wiener Lerntafel, Holly Go Lightly, Caritals Lerncafé, … international: Sweden and Denmark: Mattecentrum, India: Varanasi schoolproject

NOAN Olive Oil

And last but not least the smell. Oh, that is a rare experience. The tasting session was a real pleasure.

The first born, Noan classic: notes of artichoke, basil, bay leaf, black pepper, green tomatoes, almonds

The new Oil, Intenso: banana, tomatoes, freshly mown grass, watercress, mint, celery


(*) visits of restaurants offering or cooking with Noan Oil: Motto am Fluss, Halle Café, Hotel Sacher, Albertina Passage, Kim kocht, Kunsthalle Café, Henry, Hangar-7