Bon Jovi in Vienna without Richie

In Vienna

BonJovi2011vienna-9-stagenightFriday Night Vienna without Richie Sambora?


When I heard the bad news one month ago, that Richie will not join the band during the Europe Tour, I really thought of selling my long purchased ticket for the upcoming concert on May 17th, 2013 in Vienna’s Krieau. But then again let’s give Phil „Phil X“ Xenidis, who is filling in for Richie a chance. He played with Alice Cooper and Daughtry. How worse could it get?


JBJ on the TV Show „Ellen“:

Well, all I can say honest to God is that it’s a personal matter, but we love him very much. He’s absolutely still a member of the band.


Still, I can’t imagine, if the concert will get to a highlight like I recorded in 2011, when Jon and Richie performed „I’ll be there for you“ from their 1988 New Jersey Album together:

But who knows?

He said in Johannesburg last  Saturday:

I may not be as handsome as Justin Bieber, I may not dance as well as Justin Timberlake, but I’ve been here longer than those two combined.

And boy, so true!


I will be posting on Instagram there and I know already which clutch to wear 😉

Not sure about the T-Shirt yet. Maybe I’ll print a „Richie we Love You“ Tee, if there will be some free time left this week.