Out of town: Paris 2 Dynamo



Family holidays could be fun City trips, but sometimes you should just take a break, especially when there is an exhibition you want to enjoy extensivley.
I visited the Grand Palais in Paris today right after a quick croissant and was rewarded with just 10 minutes waiting in line. Which is pretty good for this city.


Dynamo is a modern art exhibition from the 20th century: 1913-2013
The most inovative art sculptures you could imagine. I really got breathless by the wonderfully curated pieces.

Right now Taking everything in a second time by having a break on one of the cosy sofas with my audio guide before leaving the magical place. Thanks to the great WIFi I made a lot of videos, as the expositures are so dynamic that photographs often don’t make much sense.

You will find a lot of videos on my Vine account: