Out of town: Ready for Paris

In Vienna


Paris, April 1992

„Far to long“, most admirers of french lifestyle would say. My first holidays in Paris were so stressed out, that I wasn’t able to enjoy the so called „savoir vivre“.


I decided not to take a foot on french ground until 2009, when I travelled through the South of France to meet a friend in the area of Languedoc-Roussillon.


It was a nice journey via train from Marseille and I visited some small cities and little towns like Nimes,  Montpellier, Sommiéres and the beach-area of La Grande Motte with a lovely beach club called Effet-Mer.


During this holidays I made peace with the french people, bought  the book ‘La Parisienne’ in Spring 2011, and read it in french (well, which chance did I have, as the release of the english version was in question at the time), which was quite difficult as I didn’t speak french since I left the City of lights nearly 20 years ago, but I started to grow into the idea to visit Paris a second time.


I designed and printed some lovely tea-towels with the lavender I brought from the last holidays, which I conserved in nice photographs, and added some french typography to get reminded to learn a bit french, even in the kitchen.


And two more years later I am finally ready.


A bientôt!