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I want to share a poem with you, that really touched my heart deeply.

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This poem is inspired by one of the classic movies that I recently watch, named Pather Panchali (1955) by Satyajit Ray…

Although a Bengali movie, I would urge you to watch it at least once in your lifetime and experience the great Satyajit Ray…


Each Moment I try

Every moment I fail

To retrace and relive

The same old trail


The waves of time

Seem overly strong

Trying to wash off

The memories of long


Time is cruel

Furiously does it fly

And moments pass by

Within a blink of an eye


Yet wonderfully well

The mind preserves

The works of wonder

Which it observes


These are the words

It steals from time

Collects them together

In a wonderful rhyme


These are the treasures

With scents from past

Which refreshes our lives

When we move too fast


Keep these pearls

Close to your…

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