Breakfast at Cafe Stein

In Vienna


Besides the Café Drechsler my favorite breakfast place during my Twenties was definitely Café Stein. That didn’t change with a kid.


But in the last years we stayed at home for weekend breakfasts, and I sure haven’t visited the place for about five years.


When I entered the doors lately, it was like going into a time capsule. Nothing changed. Not even the fact, that you can smoke inside.


Ordered the breakfast I love and got what I already had twenty years ago. Perfect. Especially for people who have difficulties with new habits (not me!! – I just like my eggs perfect).


So good to know that some places just stay the same.


So next time, when you want to have a simple meal at the so hip Café Français and they send you away, because every table is reserved, even if half of the tables are empty (and they stay empty). Don’t think about it and go next door …


Café Stein since 1985
Waehringer Straße 6-8
1090 Vienna