A Rivale in my orange box


Leather bracelets are a great way for me to wear jewelry without too much bling and noise.


My little collection is growing slowly as there are not too many options to buy one, which will fullfill both: a stylish look and good quality.


My favorite brand to buy leather is mostly Hermès. Their bracelets never fail to disappoint. My oldest (on top in picture) is about 6 years old and I wear it a lot on occasions, where you can expect some dirt and sweat, like Rock Concerts or evenings on the beach.


My newest addition: The ‚RIVALE‘ bracelet in black.


The leather bracelets are perfect worn alone and at the same time not to noisy when combined with other ones, which I love to do. A well chosen Armparty is my favorite game in the morning.


The aluminium cuffs from And_i supplement leather very well.


At the moment I like the Bottega Veneta combination most.

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5 Kommentare zu „A Rivale in my orange box

  1. Fully agree! I love Hermès bracelets, too. My Rivale is – guess…purple 😀 and I Combine all my bracelets with others as well.
    Your choise of bracelets is great – very good choices! 🙂
    Have a HAPPY Weekend! 🙂

    1. Thanks, 🌹
      Pls post a pic of yours sometime. The Rivale bracelets are so rarely seen. The times, when people happily shared, seem to be gone.

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