Hermes Cocktail dinatoire

In Vienna

It was one of the special evenings, very seldom in Vienna. The ladies wore their special scarves and handbags and the gentleman showed off their beautiful ties. Family Jonak invited to celebrate the grand Reopening of the Hermès Boutique Vienna.

Hermes Opening Vienna tent

A fairytale wrapped in luxurious cloths and handcrafted leather dreams in the middle of a one of a kind Cocktail Dinatoire in a huge festive tent infront of the Boutique.

Hermes Opening Vienna food

We enjoyed a first view in the store, after monsieur Patrick Thomas (President, Hermès) welcomed the guests with a charming speech about how glamorous Vienna is and Mr. Jonak got a big applause for thanking all the viennese customers.

Hermes Opening Vienna inside

Of course I found some beautiful goodies and my very small birthday wishlist turned into a 2013 big one 😉

2 Gedanken zu “Hermes Cocktail dinatoire

  1. It must have been a lovely evening! I wish I could have attended, but at least I saw the newly renovated store on Thursday morning (and came home with a small scarf 😉 ).
    Thank you for reporting!


    1. It was truly magical. Family and staff wanted to make sure that every guest knows how precious he or she is. Well done. Looking forward to your post with your scarf. I am craving for a new one, too – especially after last nights visit.


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