Baking tins coated in chocolate

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An Invitation from Roughcutblog weekday morning. Sarah Wiener welcomes a small group of baking connoisseurs with a bouquet of baking tins in vivid colors, you would usually only see in a bunch of spring tulips.


I am instantly in love. The porcelain enamel color-combinations are so much fun and transfer good mood the second you see them.


And then there is an aspect I appreciate the most:


Porcelain enamel cookware offers many advantages for healthy cooking and health-conscious diets. It is cut and scratch resistant, easy to clean and has been proven to have an active bacteriostatic effect. It is ideal for guaranteeing perfect hygiene in the kitchen and for the storage of food. RIESS porcelain enamel cookware is nickel-free, which is an important element with regard to nickel allergies. All food products and ingredients cooked in porcelain enamel cookware retain their pure, natural flavour with no metallic taste to spoil the culinary pleasure!

Enamel is basically nothing other than iron which has been fused with silica based glass at a temperature of 840°C. The process creates a perfect, non-porous, physiologically neutral surface. Pure, natural mineral resources such as iron, quartz, clay, feldspar, borax, soda and potash are used manufacturing procedure and enamel crockery is up to 100% recyclable. (source:Riess)


Doesn’t that all scream: „Why did I ever use something else?“


Sarah Wiener asked Riess to dip these tins in cream and chocolate for her and glaze them with peach, pistachio, plum and vanilla. And that’s exactly what happened in cooperation with the Dottings Design Team.


Honestly, I’d love to have all the 19 pieces, but unfortunately I will have to choose for some, which is really difficult. For now I am deciding between the round flan form and the baking tray:



Next sunday I will try the Chocolate Vanilla Gugelhupf Recipe in my cute little Ring-cake form, I got as a present this week.


Now go and search your Grandma’s Kitchen for some vintage Enamel!


2 Gedanken zu “Baking tins coated in chocolate

  1. I am curious how it came out. Please take a snapshot of the inside of the baking tin right after taking out the cake. Does it stick at all? Sounds pretty good so far 🙂


    1. I do own several enamel baking and cooking tins by Riess and others. Always great. Just slow down the heat about 20 percent.


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