Detox with Tea

In Vienna

I love coffee, no doubt. Not so much Nespresso and therefor I sold my machine some months ago and went back to the roots with a neat filter machine, which gives me the opportunity to choose with coffee I would like to drink without producing all the aluminum crap.


Mornings and computer work without coffee would be awfully terrible. But afternoons and reading a good book without tea – the same.

My favorite tea during the last months was definitely the White Protection and Power Tea.

Now I really had to much cake in the last weeks and some Detox could really help. I can’t drink Goop’s recommended cucumberbasil-juice all the time. So I go for some Detox tea once a day.

This one, not only comes in a beautiful emerald green box in the Pantone Color of the Year 2013, but tastes delicious, too:




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