Bibliotheque in black and white

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Reviewing my 2012 posts, I recognized that I didn’t share many of my small scarves with you. Well the, let’s share in 2013!

Starting with Bibliotheque


A holy grail scarf dream became reality in Spring Summer 2010. Bibliotheque in black and white was reissued in Gavroche size (45x45cm).


It took me a long time not just to adore the pochette, but use it too, like it was ment when printed.


Ein Gedanke zu “Bibliotheque in black and white

  1. Lustig, ich habe mich gerade letzte Woche in die dunkelrote Bibliotheque-Tapete in Paris verliebt und gezeigt und Du postest die kleine Pochette 😉 Schönes Wochenende & liebe Grüße 🙂

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