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What a combination and a fabulous idea by Vivienne Westwood, who opened her first store in Vienna last fall and combined that with presenting her Couture Collection a few weeks after at the glorious Kunsthistorisches Museum (KHM). It is known that she likes to visit the museum on a regular basis and got some of her inspirations for her collections here.

There were rumors that Kate Moss will attend the show, but fail. True: She was in Vienna for a photoshoot and now Vivienne Westwood revealed the official Summer Campaign 2013 ADs, which were shot by Jürgen Teller featuring Kate Moss in Vienna’s historic art museum.

campaign photos: (c) Jürgen Teller

How can I not love that?

I love Vivienne Westwood for her incredible work against our climate crises as much as her courages path she goes in fashion. She never fails to amaze us all season by season. And as a woman, she ages in dignity and shows me every day that not only 20 years old fashion-victims can look glamourous and last but not least, that there is a possibility to live happily with your husband for a long period of your life, even if you work together day by day.

I love Kate Moss, because – just because I love her behavior and the fact she’s not speaking to anyone and doesn’t share her private life, because it is as the word says PRIVATE.

I love Vienna.

I love Vienna’s Museums.

I wish I could buy one of those AD Campaign prints in large for my home office.

Vivienne Westwood Store
Tuchlauben 12
1010 Vienna
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