Arschkalt im Zweitbesten

In Vienna

If you work you have to eat. DH has been a true sweetheart, since I started to renovate our home. Every now and then he arrives with a little ‚day-present‘ like Heiner’s Krapfen (austrian doughnuts) for a coffee break …

Heiner Krapfen

.. sometimes iTunes Goodies like the ‚My Pantone‘ App, because I was green with envy that the paint assistant had a real big color wheel (but guess what – this App is so much better!!!)


(meanwhile the dining room got the second coat of the darkest emerald green you could imagine)


… and sometimes he just surprises me with a restaurant recommendation I wouldn’t expect. Like today.


We had dinner at a cosy restaurant in the 4th district called ‚Zweitbester‘ (=secondbest) without any decoration or color to clear our heads with some dark beer and wonderful, regional and freshly prepared food for a very reasonable price.



Heumühlgasse 2
1040 Wien


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  1. Ein Bierchen aus meiner Heimatstadt – wie schön! Ob ich jetzt unbedingt „Arschkalt“ brauche, ich weiss nicht 😉 Bin auf den grünen Salon gespannt! Liebe Grüße 🙂


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