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I needed a break and the Holiday Season was the perfect time to rethink some issues. But know the craziness of normal life is back. Missed my readers and my blog and hope you had a great start into 2013.

First day after Christmas Holidays. Offices are back to work and children back to school. It started snowing right on monday morning, when no one needs snow anymore in Vienna, after days of pouring rain.


So welcome back to Normal.

What did I do in the last weeks? Mainly eating too much Christmas Cookies. Tinting my living room in red.



I wore a lot of red and black outfits and jewelry.



We had lots of family dinners and gatherings, which were mostly fun and of course there was way too much too eat.


I enjoyed my books, I got for Christmas, under the Christmas tree and remembered some of my scarves, that didn’t get much air from their orange boxes.


Recognized that I have been preferring shades of grey lately, when it comes to silk.


PLEASE note: I didn’t kick anyone out of my instagram or twitter account. I simply deleted both accounts.

Instagram, because I never liked sharing bad quality pics and second, because I will not agree to the new terms.

Twitter, because there is enough room to write and comment here on the blog or on my Facebook page.

BUT, there is my Pinterest Account (with new name:, which I deeply love, because it is a tool, that’s not only helpful for my work and inspiration, but so convenient to share. That’s why I will stick to that for 2013. You will find many silk themed boards by me there as well as the growing process of redecorating my home, which will be one of the big three categories of my blog in the coming year:

  • Food – Food, Restaurants and Recipes
  • Silk – How I wear my Scarf Collection
  • Redecorate your Home and upcycle old materials into gorgeous new favorite parts
Happy New Year! and Stay Grounded.
xoxo V

3 Gedanken zu “Back to Normal

  1. Hi, Happy New Year, good to see your back 🙂 Sounds lovely and looks absolutely great – seems like you had wonderful holidays 🙂 Just looking at the cookies make me peckish and I want to dig out the last ones I have at once, hahaha. Beautiful scarves! Which one was in the Galop Chromatique box? Enjoy it 🙂


    1. Thank you. It is not the Galop Chromatique box you see in the picture it is the scarf. These 3 were my most worn scarves lately.


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