Where are you?

My Lifestyle

Well, not at the Christmas Market.

Not at work.

Thank God, not ill.

And no nothing else that can happen …

Just one thing that happens to many people:

I started to repaint one wall. ONE. And only because I was bored with a Quote on my yellow wall and I wanted to remove my Candy dispenser, because everytime I saw it I wanted some Jellies.

Then I recognized how dull the other room looks like…

And there we are. Wall painting since two weeks. Really happy with the first results, the grey turned out like I was wishing for. It changes the color with the light and gives the room a new appearance everytime you walk through. Which is perfect, because it is the room between my working place and the kitchen.

But there is another weekend of painting waiting for me, because I am crazy and have nothing else to do than searching for trouble a few weeks before Christmas: I removed my Butterfly Decoration from the wall of our breakfast place and it turned out that the yellow wall is not that charming anymore after the little insects left the room.

And hey, the brown chest of drawers will have to wait until New Year to get a white coat of color.