Face versus Mist Stockholm

I LoVe Spa and Beauty

Since my first visit in Stockholm last year, I have been trying to replace non stop things I brought from Sweden, because everything I got there was is pretty awesome. No such luck, because there are no such things in Vienna. For example the ultimate and unique mascara from ‚FACE Stockholm‘. I had so many real good mascaras in my life, like a few from Shu Uemura, which very my favs for a long time. Dr.Hauschka produces one that I certainly replaced for 3 or 4 times, NARS has a very good brush, but nothing could beat the Luxe Lash by Face Stockholm. The close-cropped bristles are precisely spaced and coat each individual lash for maximum height. And it lasts forever! And all other products I tried, where of the same great quality and I loved them all.

I don’t know how I came to the conclusion that another swedish beauty brand had to be equally great, just because I choose great products in Stockholm. But well, one has to learn it the hard way. All my readers know that I don’t like negative press, because I share the opinion that even negative comments mean finally advertising. But this time, I just have to share, because I hope that other buyers don’t make the same mistake.

Because of my love to many things swedish, I went to visit the ‚Mist Stockholm‘ Store in Vienna, after I read so much on other blogs. Let me tell you, I couldn’t be more disappointed, when actually entering the store and grabbing the first product. The plastic tins are not only of cheap quality, but cheap looking too. Everything that got my attention in the first place, was not worth to think twice after having a second look. But somehow I thought „There must be something I could buy. – Hey I am in a make up store!“

The sales-assistant was not professional but nice, and so I gave her the chance to show me a dark-brown eyeliner. Not a really difficult task, for a company, who writes about itself:

„The Mist team is dedicated to the special needs that the make up artists have for a high quality and long lasting products.“, I thought. And there can’t be enough choice of eyeliner in your beauty-closet. That’s what my choice was:

1 product called ‚Cake Eyeliner‘ and nothing else. A really ugly cheap looking golden plastic thing  (maybe I should add that the prices are not really comparable to discounter beauty-finds) with a matte looking something in it. „No way!“ But hey, the girl must be a good seller, cause she made the perfect eyeliner on my lids in seconds and sold that one thing I sure didn’t want to own for round about 20 Euros.

What can I say? I tried the eyeliner a few times and it looks OK, when leaving the mirror, for about one hour, but than fades away even with a great eyeshadow base (which BTW I don’t need for that long lasting Liner (original words from the Sales Assistant)).

Lesson learned and still in need for a MASCARA!