The Bedroom of Empress Maria Theresia

In Vienna

Entering the Hofburg apartments is like stepping into a historic fairy tale.

White, red and gold are dominating most of the rooms.

While you will find the bed of Empress Maria Theresia exhibited in her summer residence, the Schoenbrunn Palace, the original bedroom looks almost still the same.

One of the masterpieces is the astronomical clock, which features a mirrored clock-face. Why? So it was possible for Empress Maria Theresia to read the time through the mirror from her bed. You can see on the painting that not much changed in all the years. Everything looks majestic like in ancient times.

The mirror rooms sparkle in the sunlight and the chandeliers and wooden floors are so impressive that I could sit on one of those red chairs all day long and do nothing but admire the great craftsmanship. I couldn’t get my eyes of the lace curtains with the embroidery.

Instead of the grandiose bed you will find THE TABLE under the painting of Maria Theresia; the one you always see on TV, when our president speaks to the country, as the room is used as reception room.


I chose the La Réale Gavroche in reminiscence of the perfection in working with wood and the lordly crests.

In the famous Mirror Hall with the open fireplace and the Pietra-Dura Room I was tmpted to make dozens of pictures, but sometimes you have to just breath it all in and let the memories do the rest.


Innerer Burghof

1010 Vienna

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