Scarves moving around in Vienna

Since the grand opening on November, 13th in 2001 Hermès had just one renovation in the  Flagshipstore on Graben, if I recall correctly. And now the store is (like written on the announcement card) temporary moving to a very prominent corner from next week on. There were constant rumors since early 2010 in the press that Hermès would love to find a better location and now they have quite one of the best, if even just for a few months, but who knows …

I guess I will have to make an appearance in the ’new‘ boutique in the next weeks. Not only because I am longing to know how it will look like (I could do that through the window too) but I am curious to see some of the Fall 2012 scarves. As I was disappointed non-stop in the last three seasons with the designs and colorations, I got positively surprised when I got the Carré Book a few weeks ago.

There are some very promising designs in there from the the new silk twills and I am so much hoping that there will be one or two colorways that match my wishes to increase my Hermès Scarf Collection:

  • Astologie Nouvelle by Francoise Faconnet – adaption by Cyrille Diatkine
  • Casques et Plumets by Julie Abadie
  • Coup de Fouet by Florence Manlik
  • Galop Chromatique by Benoit Pierre Emery
  • Le Laboratoire du Temps by Pierre Marie
  • L’Effet domino by Pierre Marie
  • Les Cannes by Virginie Jamin
  • Parcours d’H by Dimitri Rybaltchenko
  • Parures des Maharajas by Catherine Baschet
  • Tigre du Bengale by Robert Dallet (002706S CW 11 has a grey hem – how wonderful is that?)
  • Wa ‚ko-Ni by Antoine Tzapoff

as well as the redesigns/recolorations:

  • Brandebourgs
  • Casaques et Plumets
  • Camails
  • L’Instructions du Roi by Henri d’Origny
  • Mecaniques du Temps (love it, but the CWs are just not my cup of tea)

But what I really need is a new GM Cashmere, and I have the feeling, I know which one I am craving for from the list. I just didn’t find the color way I am looking for yet.

  • Camails
  • Cavalcadour (in caban/marine/canard very beautiful)
  • Cheval Sur Mon Carre
  • Circuit 24 Fauborg
  • Etendards et Bannieres
  • Laboratoire du Temps
  • Parures des Maharajas

My favorite of all the mentioned scarves are not printed in the H Carré Booklet. Not because the women’s scarves are not beautiful, but I have so man colorful scarves that I am in real need for some neutrals and they mostly come in the men’s department. Let’s see, if I am lucky enough to find them.

  • Imprimeur Fou (552746T05) GM Cashmere
  • C’Est La Fête  70cm

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  1. Hermes scarves are gorgeous! Each their collection is very remarkable…Actually I always pay attention to shootings: beautiful models, great looks, stylish pics! Cute-cute 🙂
    It is getting chilly here in Paris so I also draped in my comtesse sofia scarf to keep me warm ))

    Gefällt mir

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