Your Own Design is not Enough

In Vienna


Having a passion for handmade printing it makes it nearly impossible to buy Graphic T-Shirts at discounters. It is just not the same. I’d rather buy one handprinted shirt than 10 from mass productions. And you know what? It’s far more worth it.

To quote W/Y clothing (one of the lables I bought a Tee from):

Passion for Clothes,

that make our world a more loveable world.

This saturday was the perfect day to stock up my closet with some beautiful new prints from the SHIRTY Fair at The Loft and support handmade products abstaining from industrial production methods like the charming label with the cute money (ape): Aped.

Try it. You will feel the difference, when wearing handmade.

It’s like using organic, cruelty free cosmetic products.

They will love you back.