Pumpkins from Cobenzl

Happy Austrian National Day Everyone!

Fall Impressions from a jaunt to the hills of the 19th district of Vienna.



Not the best coffee in town, but a marvelous view

(and teen memories emerge

because we all loved to visit that place in afternoons during the week)

I didn’t walk 3 hours – you know me by now 🙂

it was kind of 10 minutes to the next point:

Am Himmel

Visiting the Pumpkin Festival (October 26 – 28th, 2012)

I was just to lazy to make some pumpkin jam my own and found here some delicious alternatives, including eggnog.




And of course I visited my birthday tree the hazelnut at the ‚tree of life‘ – circle:

Unfortunately I don’t own an ‚Axis Mundi‘ Scarf, which would have fit much better to the place, but ‚Les Girafes‚ made quite a good color match, even if the animal theme wasn’t the perfect choice.


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  1. Everything looks so nice and calm, the pumpkins are very pretty and I can just about „taste“ the hazelnuts. Yes, LesGirafes goes very well with these photos! You look great! Have a HAPPY weekend 🙂

    Gefällt mir

    1. Thank you, Happy Face. It is a very peaceful location indeed. I can highly recommend it for a outdoor trip in the middle of the best color shades from yellow to orange with the perfect view over vienna. Not at least one of the top locations for New Year’s Eve.

      Gefällt mir

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