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A few days ago, I had the feeling that the mild fall temperatures in Vienna will not last forever (of course not). So I started a little herb harvest in my garden to conserve the summer scent for winter by drying my thyme and rosemary.

But first I wanted to use some of the fresh stalks for a italian recipe, which I really love and always reminds me of my mission statement:

Stay Grounded

I baked a

Focaccia with Herbs and Salt Flowers

and want to share my recipe with you:

Mix 600g Whole wheat flour and spelled flour, 1 package dry yeast, 2 teaspoons sugar and add  400ml lukewarm water (not too hot!).

Pour about 4 tablespoons of olive oil into the dough and season with salt. I love to use this one:

Well so easy, if you have a Kitchen Aid. No tedious kneading etc. Now just put the plastic lid carefully on the mixing bowl and wait for about 50 minutes.

The dough has now multiplied in his volume and you have to divide it into two pieces. Model two loaves with your hands and place them on a baking tin or sheet and sprinkle herbs and salt flower all over the dough.

Make holes with a fork as shown on the picture:

And again leave to rest the bread for about 20 minutes and preheat the oven (210 degrees celsius) before you bake the Focaccia for about 25 minutes.

What’s the first thing I do, when the fresh Focaccia has chilled a bit?

I fetch some homemade pesto (not by me, because there is no better austrian pesto then Grossauer’s!, so no need to try myself) and enjoy my first slice of the fragrant Italian bread.

Walnut Pesto by Grossauer

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