Fool, food and love

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A few weeks ago I stumbled over a mysterious magazine in a viennese bookstore.
The cover black and white, full glossy and heavy paper showing a natural Rock’N’Roll guy wearing a fur coat with a Iron Maiden T-Shirt and a wedding ring.

The magazine name: FOOL

Well, now they caught my attention in all points except the fur, but when I read that the guy was nobody less than Magnus Nilsson of Fäviken, even the fur was OK for me.
It was the First Issue of a swedish Food Magazine.


At home I explored the new glossy paper with the subtitle

‚food insanity brilliance & love‘

and want to quote Editor in Chief and Art Director Lotta Jörgensen* to explain best what this is all about:

„In a world where time has become luxury, FOOL does things differently. We allow ourselves to reflect, understand and take our time. We want to inspire our readers and tell stories that only appear if you look a little bit closer.“

The first issues theme: 2012 Naturals. It brought me to the simple, italian life of Modena as well as Melbourne and of course Scandinavia’s two best kitchens Fäviken and Noma. I learned about Pukeko Eggs, ducks and diners on artistic journeys from bitter to sweet in a typographic atmosphere beyond beautiful. A feast for the eyes and joy for the soul.

Read more about the Magazine with detailed picture views here: where I found a review including an interview with Per-Anders Jörgensen*. Meanwhile I am very much looking forward to the #2 issue (out November 26, 2012) placed then on my coffee table and waiting for me to enjoy when sitting infront of the fireplace at home.

May the FOOL be with you 🙂

p.s. And I found a new Quote to print for my Stay Grounded Collection:

*Editor in Chief of FOOL: Lotta and Per-Anders Jörgensen