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Kim kocht .(Kim cooks.)

The term for excellent asian cooking by Kim Sohyi, from South Korea and originally designer, in Vienna.

It seems that she never needs sleep or even rest. Cooks at several places, writes Cookbooks and offers cooking classes. And just got partner of the new Merkur Flagship Store Hoher Markt, where the guests of the supermarket are offered high class breakfast, lunch and dinner with fresh organic ingredients.

The various fresh baked scones for breakfast are delicious with a glass of champagne, before you start your shopping tour, and give you just the kick for a great start into the day.

Another highlight of Kim are her salt mixtures. Based on korean salt with the most delicious combinations.

My favorite: The Berry Coconut Salt

Added on some bread with butter, or as finish on a classic Risotto, even a bit on a cheesecake.

Salt Heaven got bigger in my kitchen.

But now off to read her cookbook ‚KIM kocht neu‘. I just know how to make the Tai Mochito so far 😉 and would really like to try some of the fish recipes.

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