Bon Jovi Clutch

A few days ago I listened to ‚Runaway‚ by Bon Jovi, while sorting out my closet. Not the version from 1984, but the acoustic live one from 2003 on the ‚Thank you for loving me‘-Single, where John speaks about the beginning of his career , when none of the record companies took a shot, but he was still dreaming about the idea of making records. Imagine that!

Right in the moment when I found my old band T-Shirts I heard the lines

… So you sit home alone

‚Cause there’s nothing left that you can do

There’s only pictures hung in the shadows

Left there to look at you …

And of course I found some JBJ Tees from the concerts, I attended in the past. So I stopped with the boring cleaning work and was thinking about what I could make of an old T-Shirt.

A Remembrance Clutch! Following the idea of my Recycled Jeans Bags the small bag was finished in half an hour and will always remind me of the song from now on, when opening it.

For all those dreamers that are still out there, where ever you may be.


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