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Few days left until Vienna turns into a Fashionweek-City for the forth time. A first this season: 9 Bloggers chose 19 Labels for a Pop-Up Store during MQ Vienna Fashionweek.

My Choices: L. Muard and Kopfarbeit

Yesterday I visited tyrolean designer Daniela (L.Muard) to shoot a sneak peek for you and she was kind enough to show me around through her secret rooms of art-fashion, while I listened to the stories of her exciting life abroad – most of the time Spain –  in the past 15 years, where many of her collections were born under the influence of the respective country. She calls them her Travel Collections.

Greatest value is taken on quality of the selected natural yarns for the unique clothes, which take about 7 to 8 hours until finished. Each piece tells a different story, like the Coat from the ‚Wienedig Collection‚ 1989. You immediately think of staying in a venetian palace when you are looking at the photos by Eva Kern.

Back in Austria, this is going to be the first Collection originated in her home country, since her first success at U-Mode in the 80ies before going to Spain.

The linen-tops are multifunctional and can be worn all year round supplemented by dresses and skirts from the label, but make a perfect casual look with jeans too, like I use to wear them. There will be some unisex sweaters in the Pop-Up Store. So go buy one for your hubby as a present and wear it yourself, too!

In the meantime enjoy more pictures on

Daniela’s Blog from her past collections:

A La Muard


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