Today I Like … Vitaminwater

Back from holidays and tons of work were waiting.

It probably goes without saying that a large percentage of my time is spent on my desk in front of my Mac. So I need some enjoyable drinks nearby to stay hydrated and in good mood.

Well sometimes that is a glass of wine in the evening and in the morning it will always be black coffee without sugar, but the rest of the day? Usually I feel very fortunate that we have such great water from the austrian alps. Most countries can’t imagine that we clean our floors and bathrooms with not just drinking water, but the best quality from the alps. And therefor most of the time I drink water. And then there are times when I feel a little bit stressed and need that little bit ‚extra‘. And than I am craving for Vitaminwater without bubbles. Which one? Definitely Ganic! (The Foodspotters and Instagramers already know that :-))

Yes I know! Where to get. That was kind of a challenge in Vienna, but I solved that one.

Here you go. My two trusted stores:

Bobbys Foodstore

Prosi Exotic Supermarkt

And when strolling through the city:

Meinl am Graben in Wien

Billa Box and Billa Corso

Personally I prefer the SLIM line, not because of dieting (well I could need that anyway after the light meals in Greece – haha), but mainly because they are not so sweet. Try Golden Rush in the morning!

Flavor Top List during the day:

  1. Smooth Ginger
  2. Caramel Toffee
  3. Strawberry

Let me know, if you know another store, where we can buy those delicious Vitaminfunctional Waters.


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  1. Normally I think these „waters“ are far too sweet or taste completely artificially. But since you recommend it so highly I’ll give it a try, next time I see it 🙂 Have a happy Sunday 🙂

    Gefällt mir

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