The Interview on 33 Avenue

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I always refused to do an interview about my web life, because I felt uncomfortable with the idea to expose my private self in public. Strange for a person who wrote thousands posts, comments, posted her own photographs everywhere in the past years, I know, but still. And then I got an inquiry from 33 Avenue one day. A swiss Lifestyle Blog documenting the travels, photographs and musings from Malou, who visited 47 countries and more than 340 cities. Lately she posted from the streets of Paris during a 3 months stay. Her photographs are amazing especially after she attended a workshop with Thorsten von Overgaard. I like her sense of style and her fashion advises are always on top.

So I gave it a shot and here you are. Answering questions about my blog, my life and about Vienna …

Interview with Vanessa of ‚Windows of Vienna‘

Have Fun!