Over 30.000 austrian party people celebrated with David Guetta

In Vienna

DJ Antoine

David Guetta called and far more than 30.000 party people followed.

To be honest I was not just there for David Guetta. My ranking was as follows: 1. Taboo | 2. DJ Antoine | 3. David Guetta. So I had to be on the new concert area at Krieau pretty early, as DJ Antoine already played at 4:30PM, which was not that easy, because the entrance handling couldn’t have been organized worse and the area was everything but save. Isn’t that weird, that you are not allowed to bring a small bottle of water with you, because you could hurt someone by throwing it into the crowd, but stumble over bigger than fist-sized large stones at the same time? Luckily there were just peaceful people there, who just wanted to celebrate a big party together.

Half past five Taboo from the ‚Black Eyed Peas‘ rocked the place for an hour and even heavy rain couldn’t detract from the fun.

The April weather in the middle of August changed every half an hour and everyone was relieved when the sun came out again during the DJ Afrojack Act.

A quick break for some fast food was badly needed before the main act and I would have bought some more drinks, if only I wouldn’t have missed half of the show, if choosing to stay in line infront of the far too few mobile toilets.

Of course one thing is never missing on my wrist, my concert bracelet: NIGHT by Hermès

David Guetta entered the stage and started right away with his NEW single feat. Sia – She Wolf | Falling into pieces and made the people dance and sweat for two hours sharp.

The creative part of the David Guetta Open Air Concert left no wishes unfulfilled, the operators and organizers could have done much better.