Today I Like … Wulf Treu

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Wulf Treu, or at least his work, is in town!

Being a huge fan of his artwork especially the Mixed Media with metal signs I wasn’t going to miss the exhibition at Yoshi’s Corner last night.

The place silent and inspiring with all the wonderful art books upstairs, downstairs it can get quite a bit louder and eccentric but always surprising.

On our way down there was a totally cool pair of mirrors. While the one with regular reflexion says ‚You are great‚ the thin making one asks ‚Are you sure?‚ in glittery rhinestone letters.

The video shows my absolute favorite: FAITH “ neon,mixed media on street sign 48×48“Wulf Treu 2012

Yoshi’s Corner
Wollzeile 17
 also recommended: The newest Dots family member in the Museum of the 21st century: Dots21, which I like on hot summer days outdoors, because you see the sculptures by Roland Goeschel, while you enjoy your food very casually in deck chairs or garden furniture. The scenery reminded me a bit on the 90’s series ‚Wild Palms‘ by Oliver Stone, when they used to disappear in empty pools.