Orchids at the pond

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One of the most romantic places in the middle of the woods of the west side of Vienna is a little pond called Hanslteich (Teich = pond). We used to visit the place now and then and had a basic Schnitzel or some chocolate cake at the small but very simple little restaurant. The view was amazing, though we didn’t mind that much.

A few months ago the place got new leaseholders and a complete redesign and opened lately right at the beginning of summer. The place has been fully booked every single day, and I can imagine why after visiting the new ‚Klee am Hanslteich‘ by having a ladies evening there.

Good food, cold drinks, water spray mist and a clean, but warm athmosphere.

I read some not so positive critics about the food, but cannot confirm. Everybody was satisfied and the staff was capably helpful. Maybe not that fast as you would wish sometimes, but the place was really fully packed during the five hours we had dinner, and because of that a good excuse. Furthermore you wouldn’t want to leave quickly anyway, once you arrived at that poetic green environment.

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  1. Vanessa,
    what a lovely location! Don’t know what it looked like before but the redesign is certainly a success.

    I just added your tip to my Vienna travel plan as I’ll be there end of July/early August.

    thanks for sharing!


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