Bloggerlunch with Diane Pernet

A Bloggers Life

MQ Vienna invited a bunch of SoF-Bloggers for a Lunch at the Hotel Le Meridien Vienna (Restaurant Shambala) to meet Diane Pernet right before tonights

Opening frame[o]ut fashion with Diane Pernet

in the context of „MQ Summer of Fashion“

Fri, Jul 6, DJ from 19:00, MQ Courtyard 8

That Lunch was a true highlight for me! Not because of the food, which was great, but I felt so honored to be able to meet the biggest Fashion Blogger, I could imagine, in person. I have been a big admirer of ‚A Shaded View On Fashion‚ since late 2005. Diane’s Blog makes me think that I am able traveling the world of fashion through her pictures and blogposts, which makes my view on Fashion much more interesting than reading boring german magazines.

This picture will get a very special place in my office for sure!

more pics: