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DAY2. Summer of Fashion in Vienna.

One of Austria’s Fashion Schools ‚Modekolleg Herbststrasse‚ presented 100 designs from their graduates in a perfect staged Fashionshow at the main courtyard of MuseumsQuartier.

Backstage it smelled heavenly. All the amazing ingredients from Dr.Hauschka Cosmetics filled the air and I found my perfect Eyeshadowpalette to make  this amazingly smokey eye look created by the ueber charming and funny Make Up Artist Karim Sattar:

The weather couldn’t be more perfect and so we had not just a fashionshow in the middle of Vienna’s most impressive museums, but a heaven scenery that didn’t let any wishes open.

I was positively surprised about the pieces shown in relation to suitability for everyday and impressed about how many designs were made from recycled materials.

The boys were an eye feast for the ladies in the audience, but I doubt that any of them would like to have dinner with one of them with kept on outfit.

The translucent Outfits made me wish to have an occasion to wear such a dress, because they didn’t just look good, but felt like you would dive into little clouds.

The final Highlight was a fashion-statement confetti rain with questions like „Is newness really new or just hyping old ideas as new ones?“ or „Do you wear messages? Whose messages?“

There is hope for Austria in Fashion!

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