Today I Like to Upgrade my Wrap

Upgrade Your Food

3 Steps to Your individual Wrap.

‚That sounds like a good deal‘, I thought and visited the brand-new up-grade-your-food shop.

UP! guarantees high quality, fresh and healthy ingredients.

And my First Try – a small ‚Jausenwrap‚ filled with 3 ingredients (tomato, chicken, pesto – yes, my choice 😉 for € 2,90 – which they offer after 3PM – was truly delicious.

See You Soon @

up!grade your food

Mahlerstrasse 11

1010 Vienna

Mon – Fri 11:30AM to 7:30PM


2 Kommentare zu „Today I Like to Upgrade my Wrap

  1. Hi Vanessa, we are very glad that you enjoy our wrUPps! and thank you for the nice post.
    We are looking forward to see you soon 😉

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