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Spring wasn’t in the mood for sunny weather today. The perfect reason to visit an indoor designer market. What a great coincidence, that a new one opened its doors today at noon.


The main reason, why I definitely was up to visit that market were two new austrian brands.

Kopfarbeit and Juneclothing.

Kopfarbeit produces fair, handmade highquality beanies.

And guess what? Of course I got one and I don’t just Like It- I Love It!

Juneclothing presented a handmade leather handbag. You can imagine that I couldn’t miss the chance to see that one. Unfortunately way to small for me, but I heard a little bird whispering that there will be soon a bigger model available too.

The bag is cut from one piece of leather without any stitching or metal needed. Just PURE leather and nothing else.


Wanna be Edel?

Visit the new designer market opened until sunday 7PM.


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