Today I Like … Kunsthalle Wien

In Vienna

There are many reasons why I have been enjoying the Karlsplatz area for more than two centuries. When not relaxing in the Resselpark Side, you will probably find me right between the public (art) space and Kunsthalle Café.

Karlsplatz. Kunsthalle Wien. Public Space.

This seasons sculpture is as impressive as last year’s ‘Henry Moore Bound to Fail’

Daniel Knorr. Explosion.

KUNSTHALLE wien karlsplatz public space,

30. März 2012 – 28. Februar 2013

The sculpture shows a process that spans only fractions of a second: the volume extension caused by the shock wave is suspended and becomes haptically graspable. We are familiar with explosions from the media mainly, through embedded journalism, and the popularity of first-person shooters. The notion of explosives as symbols of powerful, intensive moments has become an everyday metaphor.

Restaurant and Bar. Kunsthalle Café Karlsplatz.

An easy meeting place for everyone, if you are hungry or just up for a drink. Even birthday parties are very well organized here, especially in summer months a true highlight!

My favorite Aperitif: Aperol Cooler

UPDATE: March 2014

A new restaurant opened in early March 2014 at the Kunsthalle called HEUER am Karlsplatz.