Today I Like … the Garden Shoulder Bag

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After five and a half years I opened a big Orange Box again! Everyone who did this once knows what a sensual overload this is. It was pretty sure that the JPG Shoulder Bag will not be the first and at the same time last Hermès bag to own for me.

The ‚Web 1923‘ – very similar to the Bolide, but comes just in one size – was a long time favorite of mine and was meant to be my 40-birthday-gift. But in the end I had to say ‚No‚, because its just to small for my belongings, which I am always carrying with me. Maybe some time later in my life. But I had to find the next best thing beside my Shoulder Birkin. As much as I love that bag, especially as it is the first edition and designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, it is way to heavy to take it with you all day with public transport and shopping in crowded streets. It was a long, long hunt and took about 3 years now. After trying some fancy ‚fast fashion‘ models like Longchamp, Ina Kent , Liebeskind, the Recycled Jeans Bags from my own design or many, many cute Canvas Totes like my latest addition from Bloomingdales, and asking lots of questions when meeting BFFs and my so called H friends while lurking at their bags and what and why they prefer the one or other feature, I knew quickly that the perfect daily bag for Vienna and public transport will have to be:

  • lightweight
  • canvas/leather combi
  • black or neutral
  • a shoulder version

I was not satisfied with any of the bags I tried and they are not even worth to be mentioned in comparison to an Hermès Bag. And then one day it was announced that a shoulder version of the Hermès ‚Garden Party‘ will be produced and my hunt was over. Now I ‚just‘ had to wait until one of these miracles hits the ground in the viennese Hermès Boutique. And we all know what that means. Months of waiting. Not so this time. Second thing: Which color would I like? I had two favorites: black Officier Canvas/Fjord Calfskin ecru-beige H Viking canvas/barenia the colored versions in Orange, Pink and Purple are as cute as can be, but just not my personal taste for daily life. And so I ordered the blck classic version. It comes without saying that the bag didn’t arrive on my birthday, as I ordered it just 3 weeks before, but I couldn’t believe that the desired call came 5 weeks later, which is near to a miracle in Vienna! And no I can proudly present my new every day bag: ‚Garden Shoulder‘ Bag in black Officier Canvas and Fjord Calfskin (l. 38 x h. 25, x d. 15 cm), the handles are designed to be carried on the shoulder. Ref. 063086CKAB And it is as practical as I was wishing for. After one week of non-stop carrying the ‚Garden Shoulder‚ I can honestly say that this is THE perfect every day bag for me. The shoulder handles are long enough, even with a coat, but not to long to carry the bag in your hand. And I already  used the bag during heavy rain and nothing happened at all! Trusted Hermès Quality. Now I just cannot wait to use my beloved Twilly Collection for adding a hint of colors.

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  1. May I confess: I’m a little jealous 😉 This is a gooorgeous bag! But my time will come and one day I will call a Hermes bag my own too…on a more serious note: Enjoy your lovely bag! You certainly deserve it…


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