The Blogroll

A Bloggers Life

Every now and then I update services like Twitter, Facebook, instagram, pinterest, …

and yes! I am a person who un-follows sometimes. What sense does it make to read a twitter-feed, when I am not interested in the topic anymore?

Same for my blogroll. My personal blogger list is way much longer than the ‚blogroll‘ I published.

The Blog list is JUST a recommendation for my readers, because I think they might be interested in those blogs as well. No personal feelings included.

I remember very well, which blog I first read on a regular basis many years ago.

It was Diane Pernet’s ‚A Shaded View of Fashion‘.

My first Austrian Blog was Maria’s Stylekingdom.

Somewhere in-between 2005-2006 I started getting active online and my bookmarks and feeds started to grow way faster than I was able to read all posts written and posted by the bloggers behind.

I decided for a long time not to publish a blogroll, because I didn’t want any hard feelings. And at the same time I had just positive encounters in the blogger scene. OK – there where two events, that didn’t make me really happy, but that was a long time ago, and a bit of my fault. But all in all I love to share and even more the people who share with me. And I am always looking forward to blogger meetings in and out of town. Therefore I am sharing a few links with you, and nothing else meant behind. NO advertising, favors, backlink-thoughts, …

video: bekleidetNET 09.2011
featuring austrian and german bloggers during the Fashioncamp 2011.