The Klimt Bridge

In Vienna

My graduate work in art-history about ‚Vienna during Art Nouveau‘ focused on Gustav Klimt, Otto Wagner and Josef Franz Maria Hoffmann – the co-founders of the Vienna Secession, was not just yesterday, but it comes to no surprise that my heart still beats for these austrian artists.

Last Weekend I visited the Kunsthistorisches Museum, where the Museums actual exhibition showcases its important wall paintings designed and executed by Gustav Klimt. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birthday of Gustav Klimt on July 14, 2012 properly, a specially-built bridge spanning the width of the Main Staircase is offering visitors an amazing and one of a kind close-up view of Klimt’s paintings on the north wall. You simply MUST not miss this special, if you are an admirer of Gustav Klimt! Even my teenage daughter was blown away by the spectacular view and because of being able to see the famous paintings that close.

In 1890, a year before the formal opening of the newly- erected Court Museum housing the Imperial art collections, Gustav Klimt, his younger brother, Ernst, and a friend and colleague, Franz Matsch, were commissioned to execute the series of paintings depicting important periods of European art, among them Ancient Egyptian as well as Ancient Greek and Roman art. This magnificent series is still displayed between the columns and above the arcades in the Main Staircase, about 12 m above the Entrance Hall. (via KHMsite)



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