La Maison, the book

A stormy snow-wind made it very uncomfortable to go for a walk yesterday evening. So I made some coffee and set near the fireplace to have a break with my new favorite coffee-table book. Announced for about two years, it finally made it to my home some time ago.
Already the packaging made me think, that it was worth the wait. It was like a russian-doll game. A box – in a box – in a box …

Enjoy the de-boxing video

“the art of good photography is spontaneity”

Koto Bolofo

La Maison is a photo-fairytale, for the Hermès obsessed among us, by Koto Bolofo, who explored the secret rooms of the mothership of Hermès, 24 Faubourg in Paris and made a one of a kind book series showing all the details of handcrafting and working with the finest leathers. Take your time when choosing one of the small books from the slipcase and then dive into a world of finest handcrafting. You will get it all: smell the silk, the leather, wax and sometimes even feel a pin-pick from a needle on your fingers.

La Maison contains exclusive images made as Bolofo worked his way through Hermes’ workshops, discovering how their wares are made, from handbags, perfumes, scarves, pret-a-porter and shoes to the first accessory ever produced by the house: saddles. Nothing escaped his lens, not even the museum, a treasure trove of Hermes history, tucked away on Rue du Faubourg St. Honore.

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