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Markus and his son Manuel Mraz run a family business far away from every other renowned city restaurant for more than 20 years now, and lead their guests through a culinary world.

You would never believe in finding such a jewel in the middle of nowhere in Vienna, nor you would guess what you will discover behind the little door.

I read many articles and reviews, but still never thought that I would like that kind of 5 hours dinner, until a dear friend highly recommended Mraz & Sohn for our next date. And he was absolutely right to insist! (many thanks once again)

The menu changes frequently as the chef only buys first class quality products offered freshly on the market. So I ordered safely Gooseliver (my wet dream when it comes to delicacy) and for main course deer, but I simply forgot what had been served as several small courses in-between. I just remember the variations of homemade bread and mushrooms and a reduction of pomegranate.

A glass (in our case a few more) of wine from the great wine list with over 700 kinds is simply a must. I didn’t visit the gorgeous and famous wine cellar myself, because the stairs were far to steep for my high heeled boots but I visited the hidden backyard guest garden, which is shielded from the street and provides a charming italian courtyard atmosphere. Not less impressive: the water menu (Well, if you like the taste of different kinds of water, like I do).

An amazing experience and cozy, private atmosphere are delivered by the restaurant, but you should choose wisely, if your entourage guarantees for good conversation and amusement, otherwise it could get a never-ending evening, as this location is not meant to be a good choice for a quick meal.

Mraz and Son
Wallensteinstrasse 59
1200 Vienna
11am-3pm, 6.30pm-midnight
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
reservations strictly recommended

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  1. Vanessa,

    the food looks fantastic, thanks for the post! Funny that you mention Mraz und Sohn, as I’ve just put it on my list of things to do when I’m in Vienna over Christmas. What has held me back from going there in the past was exactly the location. What’s the best way to go there by public transport, U1 until ???



    1. Hi Barbara, exactly my thoughts, as I wrote. To take a cab, when not familiar with viennese busses, would be the best advice – I guess. I drove by car and saw the U4 Friedensbruecke Station somewhere on the way to the 20.district when crossing the bridge of Donaukanal.


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