Today wearing … Zabavushka Scarf

Summer is back in Vienna. At least for some days, which we call ‚Altweibersommer‚ (old women summer = or better known as the Indian Summer). Perfect weather to wear my Espadrilles one more time before they have to go back into the dark of the summer-drawer for six months. Adding Eugenia Miroshnichenko’s ‚Zabavushka‘ design for a little more color splashes for an Evening in the Nouvel Tower.

Every time I open a box of a silk-scarf, I am surprised about a new detail of the design. That`s what makes a well printed scarf design so special. It is similar to a painting; you will never get bored by exploring a masterpiece. This time my eyes stopped browsing when seeing the black and white pattern border and the little blue horse. Find your favorite detail in the video:

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