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Last week Diane von Furstenberg was THE Key-Guest on LUCKY FABB – the biggest Fashionblogger Conference.

Beginning with her very private and personal story, how she decided to be woman, wife, mother and business woman all in one and selling 25.000 wrap dresses a year and being on Newsweek Cover just after her debut 4 years earlier.

What links to today is the fact that she became the woman she wanted to be and became indepent because she found her OWN VOICE. She very early established a dialog with her consumers. Because she was sharing her own insecurity, desires and by doing it very openly, that`s why her relationship with her consumers was and is so very special.

Even though there were no BLOGS she was already then in that mode of the dialog and of sharing, while at the same time providing things that would solve that situation.

Her biggest advice:

Most important in Life

The most important Relationship in Life is the one you have with yourself! You have to like yourself, discipline, character. No matter what happens in your Life, you know that you will have Yourself.

Believing in truth and authenticity are the keywords beside connecting and the dialog.The real social dialog that happens beyond anything.

And then, just like that she presents a blast of Fashion understatement. A redesigned Harper Handbag from her Collection. The HARPER Connect which turns out to be a iPad handbag. Sold on

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