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Fashionbloggers around the world are getting grown-up. It is not just a girlie movement anymore. Proofed last weekend from Vienna to New York. It is Fashionweektime all over the globe and which time could be better to organize a Fashionblogger Conference around that time?

In Vienna the Fashioncamp 2011 took place in The HUB. 6 Fashionbloggers called and hundreds listened. Even german bloggers took the It was a big step and got to the next level from a small barcamp in 2010. Interesting Sessions with important topics like Copyright or the handling with Social Media were held, discussed and reviewed from the blog Mr.StrictlyIntimate already.

The Fashioncamp Vienna was perfectly organized by our biggest names in the austrian fashionblogger Scene: Anna Heuberger (Hpunktanna.com), Maria Ratzinger (Stylekingdom.com), Teresa Hammerl (Colazionearoma.com), Viktoria Egger (Modeltalk.at), Michaela Ambos (Cooloutfit.at) und Leni Garibov (Style-kitchen.com).

 The Location at The Hub was amazing and the catering by 12 Munchies delicious. Colorfoul food like  pink Cookies, rich dark chocolate Brownies, Couscous Salad in a plain white atmosphere with big heavy curtains and specularly chandeliers. And the white theme continued in the evening at the Fashioncamp After Party (pics on FB).

Three days before Lucky Magazine was proud to present its second Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference (FABB), happening on the eve of New York Fashion Week, featuring the digital fashion and beauty world’s most influential bloggers, innovators, executives and pacesetters. Read more in my next post.
For the time being click for the video stream, where Diane von Fuerstenberg gives a loft of helpful tips to the bloggers out there, which I posted on my tumblr linklist or copy the link: http://livestre.am/11rpY

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