Windows of the Northern Star – part 1


I am a strong believer in traveling cities with children for a better understanding in an open minded education. After exploring many places around our hometown Vienna, like places in Italy, Germany, Swiss, I was thinking more north for our next city trip. And which city could be better than Stockholm, when you try to educate your child in thinking green with terms like eco, recycling and organic?

While I am packing for STOCKHOLM, enjoy what I have collected so far, regarding tips and information:

Stockholm city leaders turned the northern star into one of the world’s most successful eco-villages. The practices of powering buses with biogas, recycling rainwater for irrigation and using organic waste for fertilizer spread to other districts of Sweden’s largest city. Today the city’s water is so clean that fishermen actually stand on bridges in the central business district, catching fresh salmon and trout.
Stockholm was named the first European Green Capital in 2010. Since then, green innovation has become a pillar of Swedish national competitiveness. With its target to become a fossil-fuel-free city by 2050, Stockholm hopes to turn green into gold by exporting smart power to an energy-conscious world. (source: Northern Star

A very useful information site, besides going fast and being beautifully made, as well as providing with great pictures:

exhibition @ Fotografiska: Northern Women in Chanel
In the suite Northern Women in Chanel, photographer Peter Farago and stylist Ingela Klemetz-Farago have realized their dream of photographing classic creations by CHANEL. The result is an interesting meeting between timeless clothes and melancholy in a barren Scandinavian landscape.

1 July – 11 September
Stora Tullhuset, Stadsgårdshamnen 22

Gröna Lund’s Amusement Park
At the amusement park life is a barrel of laughs, and you are guaranteed a whole day of happy howls, butterflies in the stomach and thrills for the whole family. This year marks the introduction of the seventh roller coaster, Twister. A delightful twisting wooden roller coaster that offers all the right stuff for an exceptional ride experience.

video: A Ride with Twister

Lilla Allmänna Gänd
911521 Stockholm 

Windows of the Northern Star – part 2


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