Palais Dorotheum

I want to introduce a very short but lovely walk in the heart of the city-center to you. Go to Dorotheergasse; the street is named after the Dorotheum, which is our point of interest today. The building, constructed in neo-classical style, is an attraction for Viennese natives and numerous tourists alike. So please don’t be shy, even, if you are not up to buy antiques or paintings, and make a step behind the new glass doors. Especially on hot summer-days it is a joy to cool down a bit, while taking in the atmosphere of hundreds of years in art, culture and architecture.

Dorotheum was founded in 1707 by Emperor Joseph I. Seventy years later it moved into the former Dorotheerkloster, which gave it its current name of Dorotheum. The new building of the Dorothem Palace in the location of the old cloister was completed in 1901. With its history of more than 300 years, it is the oldest of the great auction houses of the world.

The magnificent palace is a prominent meeting place for art collectors and a major platform for the Austrian art market. Since autumn 2001, the Dorotheum has had private owners, who continue to conduct business with a great deal of personal commitment and a lot of enthusiasm for art.

When you finished browsing through the building you should take the second entrance (Spiegelgasse 16) to leave and have a coffee and fruit tartlet at Gragger’s right in the opposite of the street; the best bakery in the Inner City.

Dorotheergasse 17
A-1010 Vienna