13. Wedding Anniversary

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We must have one or two things in common, otherwise we would not have celebrated our 13. Wedding Anniversary last week. In Austria and Germany the classic gifts for that day are crystal, flowers: violet and lily of the valley and salt, but not so much lace as in other countries. The sweetest tradition of all is that the couple should turn their back on everything and steal away secretly for that day. And that’s what we did. After giving each other different flowers, some of them sweet: Violet blossom leaves candied in sugar (I love them, esp. from Demel), we drove to Neusiedler See – (Lake Neusiedl) a little bit more than a half an hour ride from Vienna and had lunch in the middle of wineries. In the afternoon we had coffee on a terrasse at the Lake. It was a very romantic Hidaway and we were blessed with wonderful sunny weather.

Restaurant Kloster am Spitz Waldsiedlung 2, A-7083 Purbach http://www.klosteramspitz.at

MOLE WEST 7100 Neusiedl am See http://www.mole-west.at

I chose my Hermès ‚Crown‘ Vintage Style Silk Scarf, because it was a present from a previous wedding anniversary and used the very first ring I got from my DH long before any of us was thinking of marriage.

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