180.000 LEDs swinging in the night

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Belgium-based LED display manufacturer Barco has entered the architectural market by covering a building in Austria with 180,000 LEDs in 2006. The companies first permanent LED installation on a building façade, which is constructed as a double layered glass façade. The 20-floor building, Austria has been fitted with 45,000 LED blocks.

Designed by lighting designers LichtKunstLicht, the installation is a fantastic example of how LED can be used creatively to transform buildings and identify them as distinctive landmarks. The special artistic content was done by Mader Stublic Wiermann. At night the tailor made content for Uniqa brings the building to life and ensures to be noticed by everyone in Vienna. An interplay between the architecture and the electronic data feed changing over time, evolves: The building does not simply serve as a screen or message-board, as is commonly the case with electronic billboards, but becomes an integral part of the urban landscape as abstract, constantly modulating architectural form. At first, the electronic data corresponds to the architectural structure of the tower, but during the course of its choreography, repeatedly detaches itself from the concrete shape of the building, establishing new spaces which dynamically interweave. Ever new virtual layers are thus added to the building.

location: Untere Donaustraße 21, 1029 Vienna]

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