Windows of Paris Fashion Week

‘You have to go where the IDEAS are.’

(more on video: Vivienne Westwood chats to Hilary Alexander at Paris Fashion Week.)

PARIS didn’t own the Glam that Spring. So many shadows circling over the colorful week.

Every season I have been wondering, which idea-flash will catch me after seeing the Hermès Paris show.  And it was a kind of guaranty,  that there will be a big One. I was already delighted by the collection Jean Paul Gaultier presented a few hours before, the first time after he left Hermès. Sunday late afternoon in Paris. Fall 2011 womenswear collection for HERMÈS first time designed and presented by Christophe Lemaire. One couldn’t be more disappointed than I was. Decide yourself (read more …)

The only highlights from the entire Collection, which I liked: