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In Vienna, My Lifestyle

Probably one of the smallest bars in the world (6×4.5 meters). And yes, sure it is almost in every guide book and attracts lots of tourists. But hey! It has been the best bar in Europe – besides Harrys Bar in Venice – in centuries. I had lots of Dry Vodka Martinis in my Life, but newer such a good one like you get in the viennese Loos Bar, which is called after his architect Adolf Loos – Father of Modern Architecture. The work of one of Vienna’s most famous art nouveau architects, who designed the bar in 1908 for his son as the story goes …

The small ‚Kaerntner Bar‘ bar, just off the Kaerntner Strasse, in Kaerntner Passage, undoubtedly is a landmark and certainly worth having a look. It is a masterpiece in the exploitation of a tiny space and in the use of sumptuous materials. Seating is in small booths around three backlit tables, which glow white in the dark, yellowish brown atmosphere of the bar, or you can sit at the bar.

picture: featured in ‚Krone bunt‘ February, 20th 2011

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found on YT for you: Short Impression of the Kaerntner Bar inside in 2008: