#ssslurpissexy – Karma Ramen in Vienna

Karmaramen #ssslurpissexy Ramenkitchen Vienna

Karmaramen #ssslurpissexy Ramenkitchen Vienna

Karmaramen #ssslurpissexy Ramenkitchen Vienna

Recommendations from traveling people are the best ones. My brother traveled for quite some time through Japan, and he is fearless when it comes to regional kitchens. I love his stories about Tokyos Ramen Bars and Japanese Soul food. So joining him to an authentic place-to-go in Vienna, where the Ramen noodles are daily homemade on an original japanese noodles-machine was not a risky thing. Meanwhile ‘Karmaramen’ in the 5th district is loved by my entire family.

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Viennese Phrases to know: Schaumrolle

Austrian Pastries. Lifestyle Stories on Windows of Vienna

Do you have a sweet tooth? When visiting Vienna, and being one of the Tourists, who are seeking the regional pastry pleasures, you should not miss this one:



Almost 50 percent fats, and 50 percent carbohydrates makes it not a light pastry.

But still: the french would call it Vol-au-vent (windblown), to describe its lightness, because that’s what it is.

Austrian Pastries. Lifestyle Stories on Windows of Vienna

A puff pastry cloud and, I love it. To be honest, I don’t eat it regularly, but twice or three times a year … If I am lucky I find a Mini-Version, now and then. The smallest one would be about 6-7cms in length and a diameter of 2cm. This really doesn’t count. It’s one hearty bite.


So, practice spelling: Schaumrolle!


This calls for colorful Silk Ribbons


We enjoy some really summery days in Vienna finally. Too hot for too much accessories. Still, you wouldn’t feel, that your outfit is completed without any. My favorites are little bracelets in silver or with leather and semiprecious stones, thin silk ribbons and some nice charms on the bag. That’s what makes a casual summery outfit YOUR STYLE.

Sharing some silky-examples from my latest OOTDs. You will find even more on my Instagram Account, which features my luxury pleasures and Silk Accessoires: http://instagram.com/silkyside Would be lovely to find you stopping by there and say hello. Can’t wait to see your summer style shares there.

But most of my daily-shares regarding cosmetics, lifestyle, shopping tips are found on SnapChat. Easy to navigate, gone for good on the next day …



Have a wonderful summer-day and don’t forget to drink water!

p.s. Now is the perfect time to wash your silk-scarves. Light is good to see imperfections and the summery wind dries the Silkys very fast.